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About Kelp Social

Started in 2017 by Mollie Kerr, CEO & Founder of Kelp Social. Mollie knew that her overwhelming love and protective instincts for animals, needed to make a change in this world. Over the last few years Mollie juggled with how to revolutionise animal welfare, finally coming to social media. Using social media for positive change is one of the most powerful media’s in today’s society. By combining the unique combination of carefully selected brands and charities, with animal lovers, we will build a compassionate community, with the knowledge and opportunity to make a difference. This is why it is called the ‘eco-lution’ because each blog is part of the Ecological Revolution. If you want to be part of the eco-lution and have access to rewards from the best cruelty free, animal friendly products, then start your membership here. If you know of any charities or brands that you love that would be perfect for this site then feel free to get in touch at hello@kelpsocial.co.uk